Why coach with us?

You can't always get the job. But you CAN always give a great audition.

We both have MFAs in Acting from the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver. We have combined professional experience of nearly three decades in the LA and NYC markets, in television, film, theatre, new media, and voiceover. More information and our complete resumés are available at our respective websites, www.januarylavoy.com, and www.mathostetler.com.

Most importantly, we decided to do this because it’s something we both really enjoy doing, both for each other and for our friends.  When we realized that we’d been coaching — casually for friends — once a twice a week for nearly three months, we thought perhaps it was time to make space for this in our lives on a more consistent basis.  

The going rate for the “brand name” coaches in NYC starts at about $155/hour, and goes up from there.  Waaaaaay up.  That is ridiculously cost-prohibitive for the people who need service the most — people who are trying to gain a foothold in the business (or in a new area of the business) and who oftentimes don’t have anyone else advocating for them.  All they have to work with is those two or three minutes in the room (or on the tape) and it needs to be as good as they can possibly afford to make it.  Because we feel passionate about this, and because we see a need for accessible coaching in our community, we’re committed to keeping our sessions affordable, at a third of what other coaches charge.

Coaching is not a guarantee that you’ll get a job.  What we’re concerned with is helping you improve the way you feel about your auditions, which will completely change the way people respond to them.  One of my favorite sayings is, “You can’t book every job - but you can always book the room.” This is 100% true.  Our business is riddled with stories of people who gave killer auditions, only to lose the part to a celebrity, or the producer’s niece, or a [insert celebrity last name here], or a brunette…whatever.  You can’t always get the job.  But you can absolutely, definitely, ALWAYS give a great audition.  And we would love to help you do that.